The reviews are in…

“I went through the shopping guide with my sister-in-law prior to going out. The shopping guide I actually purchased for my mother--who has found it much easier to shop for me. This are very good resources--especially for my family members who can never remember what I can & cannot have to eat. This was one of my best purchases since I was diagnosed.”

- Stacey Dougherty, Northampton, Pennsylvania

“I had the chance to hone my dining out skills under a much more stressful situation — a very important job interview. Eek! With tips learned from the book and by using the Dining Cards, I had no trouble ordering, I had a lovely meal, and (I hope) the interview went well.”

- Gluten Free Sox Fan blog

“I put together GF dining out events all over Chicago for CSA/GC. I owe a huge part of my success and inspiration to you — because of providing our community with great dining out resources. At all my events I ALWAYS bring your book with me to share with others AND they are thrilled to find out about it and how HELPFUL it is.”

- Bruce Zarlengo, Chicago, IL

“It makes eating out so much easier and safe. We were on vacation in Mexico for a week and I used the Spanish card. It was a great help as most of the chefs understood very little English, but they could read the Spanish card with no problems. All week they made gluten free meals for me and they were excellent. I carry the English card in my wallet and have used it many times and found it to be a great help. At one restaurant I was going to order the grilled pork chops until the chef came out to tell me they were marinated. He then suggested another entree which was safe for me to eat. Thanks for making my dining experiences so enjoyable.”

- Carolyn Stollberg, Franklin, Wisconsin

“These authors have written a brilliantly supportive introductory section about how to get a great gluten-free meal when dining out...I really think the introduction is worth the price of the guide alone, especially if you are just starting the journey of how to eat out with special needs like celiac disease or food allergies.”

- Please Don't Pass the Nuts blog

“I bought the cards for my 13 year old daughter who has Celiacs. She was able to use them the other night when we went out to dinner and seemed quite pleased with the response form the wait staff and cook. She was very happy because that way she didn't have to go into a long explanation about her disease. I bought the cards because my daughter has a hard time explaining what she can and cannot eat because she gets embarrassed. I was worried that when she went out with her friends she wouldn't take the time to explain about her disease. The cards seem to be the solution. I won't have to worry as much when I'm not with her and she won't have to go into a lengthy explanation.”

- Missy Boudreau, Saco, Maine