Ideas on where to use your stickers…

No need to restrict your sticking to the kitchen. We've found that these stickers can be used in tons of places to keep your gluten free family worry-free!

School or work: If you're packing both gluten-free and non-gluten-free lunches every day, a GLUTEN-FREE! sticker on the bag allows you to tell one from the other instantly.

Shelves and drawers: You can use these stickers to mark off entire areas - refrigerator shelves, silverware drawers - for your gluten-free food and utensils.

Parties and potlucks: By affixing one - or five! - of these stickers to food containers and utensils, you can avoid cross-contamination and introduce a delicious gluten-free recipe to other partygoers in the process!

Camp or college: Whether you're packing for the trip or putting together a care package, a prominent GLUTEN-FREE! sticker on each item reminds bunkmates and roommates to be mindful of where they put their own food and utensils.